The ultimate guide (summer 2024)

How to protect and recover social media accounts

Has your Instagram account been disabled? Or has your TikTok account been suspended? For no reason?Big tech platforms often suspend user accounts incorrectly. But getting them back can be tricky. Here is the ultimate guide.

recover instagram account

How to recover a suspended Instagram account

First of all, there is no guarantee you will be able to recover your account. Know that up front.Secondly, maybe there is a good reason Instagram blocked your account. Let's start there.

Understand why your IG account was suspended

Sometimes Instagram will tell you why you have been suspended. But that is rearely the case. Usually, you will get a message like this:

Instagram disagree with ban

First, it's important to understand why your account was suspended. Common reasons include:

  • Violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Use

  • Using third-party apps to gain followers or likes

  • Posting inappropriate content

Understanding the reason behind your account suspension is crucial for effectively addressing the issue and preventing future occurrences.Unfortunately, Meta will likely not tell you exactly what the reason for the suspension was. Here are some of the most common reasons:

Violation of community guidelines

Read as "Did you conduct yourself in a way you are making Instagram a bad experience for other users?"

  • Inappropriate Content: Posting content that includes nudity, hate speech, violence, or graphic content

  • Bullying and Harassment: Engaging in bullying, harassment, or threatening other users

  • Spam and Misleading Content: Posting spammy content or misinformation

Violation of terms of use

Read as "Did you misuse the platform or get up to illegal things?"

  • Impersonation: Creating accounts that impersonate another person or entity

  • Unauthorized Commercial Use: Using your personal account for commercial purposes

  • Phishing or Fraudulent Activities: Engaging in scams or fraudulent activities

Violation of terms of use

Read as "Did you buy your popularity?"

  • Automation Tools: Using bots or automation tools to increase followers, likes, or comments

  • Buying Followers or Likes: Purchasing followers or likes through third-party services

Did any of the reasons mentioned above ring a bell? Then you should probably come to terms with the fact that you have been rightfully suspended. Tough luck.

If, however, none of these reasons make any sense to you, you have a good shot at getting your account back.

Appeal within the app

This is your first (maybe even only) resort. Take it. With any luck, your account will be reviewed within 24 hours (maybe even by a real human) and reactivated.Unfortunately, Meta removed the ability to give additional context or explain your case - as it used to be the case with the Help Center form (explained below).

Instagram suspended account appeal

Should the in-app appeal not work, there is another way.

Get connected to Meta

Many people will likely to reach out to an email address like support @ or something like that. Don't waste your time.However, there is a way to get help - from within the company.Meta employees have access to their so-called "Oops" form. This form allows them to submit an internal support request for a close friend or family member.If you know someone who knows someone, you might be able to connect with a Meta employee and plead your case. If they are so inclined, they might be open to helping you.However, don't put all of your eggs into this basket. As per the Verge, Meta has been cracking down on employees offering their help as a service.

Can I appeal via the Help Center?

Not anymore. There used to be a form users could fill out to appeal their account. Unfortunately, Meta has taken it down.My assumption is that botting is to be blamed here.Some service providers were essentially spamming this appeal form using an automated script in order to move a client's account to the top of the queue each time. Sometimes it was successful.This is what the form used to look like (via the Wayback Machine). Today, the URL redirects to the Help Center.

Instagram account was deactivated

recover tiktok account

How to recover a suspended TikTok account

There is no guarantee you will be able to recover your suspended TikTok account. Be aware of that.Moreover, maybe there is a good reason TikTok blocked your account. Let's start with the question "why is my account suspended?"

Understand why your TikTok account was suspended

TikTok will probably not give you an exact reason to why your account has been temporarily blocked. Most likely, the show you a message like this:

TikTok suspended due to multiple violations of their community guidelines

Generally, suspensions are due to one of the following reasons:

  • Posting inappropriate content

  • Engaging in spammy behavior

  • Violating intellectual property rights

  • Receiving numerous reports from other users

Did any of the reasons mentioned above sound like TikTok is on to something? Then you should probably come to terms with the fact that your account has been rightfully disabled.If you are unsure, check out TikTok's community guidelines. They are pretty comprehensive.If, however, you are thinking to yourself "my account has been suspended for no reason", you have a good shot at getting your account back.

How to appeal the ban

Once you are banned, you will likely have noticed a banner notification in the app. Click on it to start the appeal process.Click "Appeal".Follow the instructions.1. show proofSpecifically, TikTok is looking for you to address how you have not broken their community guidelines.If you have had your content taken down before, appealed and it was restored - include a screenshot.This can showcase the reviewer that you have been trolled or other users are out to get your account taken down - even though you are following the platform's guidelines.2. be niceThere is likely a real human looking at your appeal. And real humans don't like being insulted.Be polite when you write your appeal. Showcase that you understand that mishaps can happen and don't blame the app.The last thing you want to happen is getting your account permanently banned by TikTok.After submitting the appeal, you will see this notification:

TikTok appeal suspended account


TikTok is not the fastest. Some users have gotten their accounts back within days, but often it is a matter of weeks up to a month.But if the luck day comes, you will get an email that looks like this:

TikTok account appeal email

How to recover a suspended Facebook account

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How to recover a suspended Snapchat account

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